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About Us – Amardeep Gold Pvt Ltd


“To be the most respected and successful designer,
manufacturer & retailer of the finest jewelry.”


★ Passion for customers & their delight ★ 
★ Leadership by Example ★ 
★ Uncompromising Integrity & Transparency ★ 
★ Pursuit of excellence ★ 
★ Trust and respect for individuals ★ 
★ Achievement and contribution ★ 
★ Results through teamwork ★ 
★ Speed and agility ★ 
★ Meaningful innovation ★ 

AMARDEEP GOLD JEWELLERS operates from the city of Surat in Gujarat. The city confers the mass production of jewellery where we emerge as UPRIGHT DESIGNERS, MANUFACTURERS AND WHOLESALERS.

We are into this CREATIVE JEWELLERY BUSINESS since last 15 years. The in-house state of the art tools and machines backed with the application of top-of-the line techniques, designing intricacies, and superb craftsmanship have ensured the quality of our end product.

Our personal fascination for colors puts forth the exotic range of jewellery with brilliant latest gemstones like Diamonds, pearls, studded in gold for a sophisticated look. We offer a variety of Bridal sets, Formal Party Wear sets and Light sets for Casual Wear that reflect a AMARDEEP DESIGN WITH A TOUCH OF TRADITION.

Quality being the vital aspect, we have acquired the BIS LICENSE FOR HALLMARKING OF GOLD JEWELLERY.

We believe that DESIGN AS A PROFESSIONAL EXPERTISE has a critical meaning. And thus the designers at our place put in their best efforts to come out with new and creative designs to suit the individual requirements.

At Amardeep Gold Pvt Ltd Jewellers, we have tried to REDEFINE the term AFTER SALES SERVICES. We take special care in manufacturing by using quality materials and providing strong binding; so that once it is sold we do not expect any complaints for years. Thus the need of providing After Sales Services does not arise except in case of mishandling.